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Come and paint around Cornwall. No experience necessary, it's a lot of fun as well as an art experience.
Being outside and taking in all the beauty of nature with some light exercise, chilling out and getting really creative.

"Although we are outside, you don't have to make a realistic, figurative representation of the view. Many will paint the view, because it's there. But you don't have to." - Cosmic

Freedom to paint anything, anywhere!

If you've ever wondered what artists do all day, or wanted to know what it's like to complete a piece of artwork as an adult (and be pleased with the result) or you are already a practicing artist but could do with being alongside accountability buddies, enjoying the great outdoors, getting outside your creative comfort zone, or simply trying something new... this is for YOU.
All materials, tips and pointers, easels, brushes, paint, palettes, drawing equipment, paper and a canvas board supplied and provided.

Any destination. Contact us if your desired location isn't yet on the list.

  • Bring snacks, water or soft drinks

  • Wear sensible walking shoes

  • Bring a waterproof coat and maybe an umbrella

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Take art home

You can take your canvases and drawings away with you along with ways to create more art as and when you feel like making something.

These workshops aren't "How-to's" but, more of boosting the beginning or continuing journey of creativity.

The old saying goes "Give a man a fish and feed him for a day. Teach him to fish and feed him for a lifetime." 

A regular art practice can be beneficial to our overall mental health, give us greater empathy for others, help us relax, and much more!

The way to do this is to want to do it more often. To do art more often is to make the whole process enjoyable. 

We're good at that.

Outdoors life

These workshops are about being outdoors, navigation tips, local history as well as about art. 

Some beneficial effects of spending more time outdoors are:

  • Natural vitamin D absorption

  • Better sleep

  • Protects vision

  • Boosts immune system

  • Increase sense of wellbeing

  • Benefits of physical activity

  • Improve your mood

  • and lots more!

Resilience to uncertainty

The resilience skills we develop in these workshops are transferable to all areas of life. 

Simply painting a picture has a certain level of unpredictability. By navigating processes like this mindfully we can learn how to practice ways to be more resilient.

Taking part in outdoor activities presents challenges, such as dealing with changeable weather conditions, too. 

Depending on the group, we may decide to go out even if the weather is wet and windy, effectively "turning up the dial" on developing resilience skills in uncertain situations.

Carn Brea, Daze Out top location. Come and paint with us at this stunning site in Cornwall
What’s included
DAZE OUT Carn Brea

The walk goes from Redruth town to Carn Brea, 2.3 miles each way. Great views to choose from. We can decide to climb the hill to the castle and monument and paint from the top, or stay at the flat ground at base of the hill and paint the awesome views of the Carn.

4 hours.

£95.00 pp

Dates, times and Tickets
DAZE OUT Porthtowan

Meeting at the car park we stretch and sketch at the beach before heading up to the headland for some views. We look at what today's view has to offer, then we all decide to either paint there, walk further along or go back to the beach.

Great views, hill climb. Between 2.4 and 5 miles.

4 hours.

£95.00 pp

Dates, times and Tickets
DAZE OUT Great Flat Lode

Check out some awe inspiring mining ruins and dramatic sweeping landscapes. The walk goes from Redruth town centre, some hills. 3 miles each way. 

There are many sites to choose from all along this great walk.

5 hours.

£115.00 pp

Dates, times and Tickets
DAZE OUT Mawgan Porth

Paint one of the nicest beaches on Cornwall's north coast. Shortish walk, long beach, great rock formations, awesome for seascapes. 

Painting here is like a holiday in itself

4 hours.

£95.00 pp 

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